X Y Z axis Stainless Steel Cover With Good Quality

Short Description:

0Multiaxis Steel Cover System
Materials: Stainless steel
Brand: Krius
Function: Protect machine
Size: Customized
Certification: CE /ISO9001 /SGS
Trade term: EXW/FOB/CIF
Warranty time: 1 year
This kind of cover is make from the stainless steel, Multi-axis shield can protect each shaft. Typical industry application is vertical or horizontal.

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Types: CNC steel cover


This kind of cover is most advanced cover, can make up the weakness which other protective cover can’t solve. With a more effectively protective function to ensure the machining accuracy of the machining center, and improve the beauty of appearance.
Multi-axis shield, X/Y/Z axis designed for customer requirement

1. Speed of 200m/min or more.

2. Acceleration up tp 1g or more.

3. Designed with ease of installtion and longevity in mind.

4. Protect the machine center from metal shaving, coolant, dust, oil etc.

5. Mounting arrangement to suit the customer’s needs.

6. It has no interal metal parts which avoid metalparts, falling onto sideways may cause damage to machines.

Application: high speed, long travel distance CNC machine center.

Steel cover system for xyz Axis3

Steel cover system for xyz Axis4



cover (1)


Code Des Figure Test result bv Kirus Remark
Lxmax X axie max stretched out length     Machine travel range(Not null)
Lxmin X axie mix compressed length      
Lvmax Y axie max stretched out length      
Lvmin Y axie mix comressed length      
Lzmax Z axie max stretched out length      
Lzmin Z axie mix comressed length      
S Travel distance for x/y/z     Machine max distance(Optional)
W Transom width     Not null
H Upright height     Not null
T Transom, upright thickness     > =70mm (Not null)
  Accessories need     Optional
  Material of cover     Material and surface treatment (Optional)
  Guide rail item Xo.     (Not null attched)
  Running speeding     Not null
  Assemble way     Verticai/horizontal/otherWOptional)
  Equipment item No.     Optional
  Enviorment     Scarp or not (Optional)

Ordering notice: This is customized product, Pls offer above dimensions, CAD or 3D drawings, then our engineer can design.
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