Drag Chain Accessories Guide Rail And C-Rail

Short Description:

Type:Drag Chain Guide Rail
Materials: Steel
Brand: Krius
Function: Protect the drag chain and cable
Size: Customized
Certification: CE /ISO9001 /SGS
Trade term: EXW/FOB/CIF
Warranty time: 1 year

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Type: Drag Chain Accessories Guide Rail And C-Rail

  1. Guide rail functionGuide rail is assisted device when the cable chain work in long distance ,It is mainly for cable chain running smooth along with the designed route.
  2. Guide rail structureIt mainly makes up of lateral plate,connecting angle steel,C-rail and gliding device(Nylon wheels,steel or plastic gliding plate) and screw,etc.five parts.
  3. Guide rail classificationNormally,it had four different kinds of according to gliding devices.Standard guide rail without supporterGuide rail with nylon wheelsGuide rail with steel plateGuide rail with plastic plate
  4. Guide rail featureThe guide rail structure will reduce the friction to cable chain from machine,then cable chain will have longer using life and reduce the placement .Easy to assemble and dismantle,not one-off and can be used for many times.It will save the cost and time.Guide rail is anti-corrosion,it can secondly-protect the cables also together with cable chain .
  5. When need guide rail.Longer distanceThe running route need to be guidedThere are no supporter for the cable chain work environment .There are accelerated speed.
  6. Guide rail assemblingThe guide rail inner width should be more 4-6mm than the cable chain outer width, It prohibit to miss or loose for the rivet and bolt.Guide rail should keep parallel with pathway , the tolerance should be ≤±3mm between horizontal and vertical direction.Assembling guide rail should be placed from the middle to the two end part, the surplus part can be cut or saved depends on the actual situation.The guide rail whole max height should be more 2-10mm than the cable chain whole max heightThe cable chain moved mounting bracket ,fixed mounting bracket and guide rail should be same central vertical line and need to be fixed well.For the fixed mounting bracket with gliding plate , the gliding plate should be same level with the first layer height of cable chain.the distance for the gliding plate and fixed mounting bracket should be about one link.





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